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Cocktail Glasses Guide

Which cocktail glasses should you have at the ready? Don’t be without the top three...

1. Chimney / highball glasses

Use: these tall glasses are for cocktails served over lots of ice and sipped through a straw

Popular drinks: Mojito (recipe below), Bloody Mary

2. Old-fashioned / rocks glasses

Use: these short tumblers are perfect for drinks created in the glass

Popular drinks: Old-Fashioned (recipe below), Mint Julep

3. Martini glasses or champagne coupés

Use: stemmed glasses like these are ideal for drinks that are shaken or stirred and served without ice, the stem ensures the heat of your hands won’t warm the liquid (you could also chill the glass if wished)

Popular drinks: Martini (recipe below), Manhattan

Lemongrass mojito

Lemongrass mojito

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned



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