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Cocktail of 2018: Boulevardier

The Boulevardier was dubbed the cocktail of 2018 by The Economist magazine. Find out everything you need to know about this deliciously smooth, sweet and bitter drink

What is it?

Heavily related to the Negroni, the Boulevardier uses two of the same ingredients vermouth and Campari, and then substitutes the gin with bourbon.


The creation of this classic cocktail is credited to ErskineGwynne, an American who moved to Paris in the heady days of the late1920sto start a literary magazine calledBoulevardier, and was also proprietor of the legendary Harrys New York Bar.

Why Bourbon?

Rather than the sharp bitterness associated with the Negroni, the substitution of bourbon adds a woody sweetness and smoothness to the cocktail.

Which Bourbon

Amidst todays craft cocktail renaissance, bartenders select premium spirits to add depth of flavour and complexity, particularly for classic cocktails made with minimum ingredients. In the case of the three ingredient Boulevardier, its definitely quality over quantity so youre going to want to choose a bourbon with intense and multifaceted notes for extra character.

For our Boulevardier shoot we used Jim Beam Double Oak, a bourbon thats twice barrel matured first in charred American white oak barrels and then in a freshly charred barrel, to add a rich intensity, smooth taste and spiced oakiness to this cocktail classic, (recipe below).

Bourbon Boulevardier

Bourbon Boulevardier

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