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Dust off that cocktail shaker – February 22nd is World Margarita Day

The margarita: a citrusy, tequila cocktail loved by millions across the world today. We don’t know exactly who invented it, or when, but we know it has been around since the 1940s and is so popular it even has its own day of celebration. So why not get in the spirit and invite some friends over for a drink or two and some nibbles. Here are some fast facts about the margarita to get the conversation started.

  • Margarita is Spanish for daisy – a “Daisy” is a drink that was popular during prohibition in America. It has a spirit base, sugar and a sour mixer. The margarita may have come about from the tequila version of this.
  • Essential salt – the salt round the glass isn’t just for decoration. It enhances the flavours of the drink and puts a dampener on the bitterness. A margarita doesn’t work as well without it.
  • Big is beautiful – in 2011 the Flamingo Hotel opened its Margaritaville casino in Las Vegas and created the world’s largest margarita to celebrate. It took a team of 60 people 300 hours to create the 32,000-litre drink, served in a 17-foot tank.
  • Competitive streak – each year the Tuscon Originals and the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance team up to host the World Margarita Championship.
  • America loves margaritas – they drink 185,000 an hour and have created endless variations, including the frozen margarita machine, invented in 1971.
  • Cocktail blues – tequila must be made from the blue agave plant, otherwise it’s not the proper spirit.
Perfect Margarita

Perfect Margarita

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