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Buzz Worthy: Honey Flavoured Spirits

Honey flavoured spirits are making a buzz. Here's our delicious line up of bourbon, brandy and vodka.

Flavoured spirit makers appear to be split into two distinct groups. 

  1. Creators of cupcake, bubble-gum and wasabi flavoured vodkas.
  2. Purists with a knack of making natural flavours work in harmony with liquor.

The first group are single handily responsible for flavoured spirits’ unfortunate reputation for being tacky. From wedding cake and buttered popcorn to fresh cut grass and electricity, there’s no doubt that some brands have officially lost the plot. 

On the other end of the spectrum, drink giants such as Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s and 42 Below are harnessing ingredients and subtly infusing them into spirits. 

Honey is one of the key flavours used by these brands. It’s a smooth, sweet addition to vodka, bourbon or brandy – great for sipping or in a cocktail. 

Check out the spirits straight from the honey pot below: 

Jim Beam Honey Bourbon

The combo of honey and bourbon is truly the bees’ knees, and Jim Beam’s take on it is no exception.

They start with Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey and infuse it with natural golden honey. Jim Beam lovers will enjoy the contrast of sweet floral notes with the bold bourbon.

Try it on the rocks with a couple of ice cubes – the best way to experience the caramel, oak and vanilla flavours.  

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

This one-of-a-kind whiskey is a blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and a unique honey liqueur. It’s the brand’s first flavoured variation and aims to deliver a enhanced whiskey experience.  

With a naturally smooth finish, a rich hit of natural honey and the unmistakable ‘Jack’ taste, it’s an ideal nightcap or post-dinner tipple. 

Wild Turkey American Honey 

Another fantastic honey-bourbon tipple with delicious aromas of caramel and orange. It’s an exceptionally smooth blend of 35.5 per cent Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey and pure honey.

It’s perfect straight out of the bottle, chilled in the freezer or in your favourite bourbon cocktail. 

42 Below Honey Vodka 

Made from the purest ingredients, 42 Below Honey is a delightful marriage between premium vodka and manuka honey essence.

It’s created by vapourising raw manuka honey through direct heat, getting rid of the steam, and then condensing it into a rich essence. The infused vodka can be easily sipped on over ice or as part of a premium cocktail.  

Beehive Honey Brandy 

Born in 1852, Beehive is a French-made brandy with distinct honey smoothness. Their Bordeaux-based cellar master distils a selection of the finest French grapes and then infuses the liquid with honey.

The result is a well balanced brandy with floral honey, wooden notes and vanilla. 

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