world whisky day

Best Foods with Whisky

Prepare your edibles for World Whisky Day this Saturday with our selection of the best foods to eat with a wee dram

The 20th of May has been the day of choice to celebrate whisky since 2012, when the first World Whisky Day was held. Since then, this annual homage to the amber tipple has gained momentum, encouraging us to experiment with new whiskies and sample responsibly.

Here, Toast encourages you to get your kitchen cupboards ready with our selection of foods that complement and bring out the different flavors of whisky.

1. Steak, A Match Made in Heaven

PAIR WITH: Any whisky will work well here – the smokiness and saltiness of the meat will bring out corresponding flavours in the whisky, which will be heightened by the delicious fats of the meat.

2. Roasted Fish with Citrus


PAIR WITH: Glenlivet Founders Reserve. This delicate, fresh and sweet whisky pairs really well with light meats like fish, especially with the addition of citrus fruits, which will bring out flavours such as orange in this easy-drinking drop.

3. Smoked Seafoods like Salmon, Mussels or Prawns


PAIR WITH:  Laphroaig 10 Year Old. The smokiness of this peated malt whisky is made more complex by seaweed notes that originate from the Islay peat (the Scottish island used to be under the ocean bed), making it best buddies with smoked seafoods.

4. Ice Cream (yes, ice cream)


PAIR WITH: Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey. Aged in bourbon and sherry casks, this smooth drop holds tastes of citrus, light spices and vanilla that make a fine pairing with light ice cream flavours like vanilla, lemon or passionfruit. Furthermore, the heat of the whisky with the cold of the ice cream makes for a pretty fun sensation.

5. Goat’s Cheese


PAIR WITH: Glen Grant The Majors Reserve Single Malt Whisky. An easy-drinking dram, this single malt is creamy and fruity with a nutty finish – flavours that will contrast well with the sharp acidity of goat’s cheese.

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