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A Trace Of Bourbon

Created on the banks of the Kentucky River, Buffalo Trace Distillery has been making bourbon whiskey the same way for more than 200 years. After all, if it's working, why mess with it?

Like many a good drink, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has a story to tell. Over 200 years ago, ancient buffalo carved paths through the wilderness that led American pioneers and explorers to new frontiers.

One such trail led to the banks of the Kentucky River in Franklin Country, Kentucky, in central eastern America. Here, in tribute to the mighty buffalo and the rugged, independent spirit of the pioneers who followed them, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was created.

The oldest continuously operating distillery in America, Buffalo Trace was even allowed to continue operational during the prohibition era, to make whiskey 'for medicinal purposes'.

The deep amber whiskey has a complex aroma of vanilla, mint and molasses. Pleasantly sweet to the taste, with notes of brown sugar and spice that give way to oak, toffee, dark fruit and anise, this is a whisky with a long, smooth finish and serious depth.

In the past decade, Buffalo Trace has won more awards than any other distillery, including an unmatched seven 'Distillery of the Year' titles. 

Give your Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey the Old Fashioned treatment with this simple recipe for the classic cocktail.

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