A Lighter Love: Scapegrace Vodka & Soda With Cucumber

Lighter in alcohol, calories and carbs, the full-bodied brightness of cucumber and mint delivers a fresh finish with this yummy drink

We all need a little happiness and carefree feels after the shenanigans of 2020 - how better to do that than with a delicious drink that's lighter in alcohol, calories and carbs, just 2.5%ABV and tastes just like summer?

The low- and no-alcohol trend is massive in New Zealand, and the refreshing flavours of this new RTD are perfect for enjoying your day for longer this summer. The iconic glass bottles make this drink easy to carry if you're enjoying a day out; simply enjoy, recycle the bottle and that's it - you're done!

Pick up your six-pack of Scapegrace Vodka and Soda with Cucumber & Mint in bottles from your local Liquorland store, RRP $16.99.