Brace yourselves, friends! The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here - White Claw is touching down in New Zealand on April 19th!

White Claw, the biggest RTD brand in the world, is set to make its highly-anticipated arrival in New Zealand on April 19th!

Originally taking the world by storm from its Canadian roots in 2016, White Claw swiftly became THE go-to RTD brand globally. From sparking internet crazes to winning hearts with its refreshing flavours, this iconic drink has earned its spot in every sipper's heart. And now, it's making its grand entrance down under!

White Claw 2

Despite its absence until now, Kiwi folks have been buzzing with anticipation, showing off their eagle-eyed awareness of White Claw's iconic status. With its sparkling water base, pure alcohol kick, and under 100 calories goodness, White Claw is set to dazzle your taste buds in three delectable flavours: Lime, Mango, and Raspberry.

Get ready to experience the magic firsthand as White Claw dives into New Zealand's RTD scene, promising nothing but the best in flavour and innovation. DB Breweries Senior Marketing Manager Cormac van den Hoofdakker, Senior Marketing Manager, couldn't be more excited. 

White Claw 1

“We’re thrilled to be bringing such an iconic RTD brand to our shores. We’ve learned through consistent and thorough research, and social listening that Kiwis are familiar with White Claw and have been demanding its presence here for some time. This will bring a significant shake up to the RTD market in New Zealand and we have no doubt it will be incredibly well-received by our customers and partners." he adds.

Already causing a stir with an advance shipment, White Claw sightings have been popping up left and right, with our favourite celebs like Lance Savali and Paige Tapara giving it their seal of approval.

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