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Trend Alert: Craft RTDs

The craft beer trend is about to hit RTDs, with pre-mixed drinks featuring natural ingredients, artisan flavour blends and super slick packaging. Here are the new brands you need to know about

Can you remember life before craft beer. No, we’d rather not either. Now the same revolution is hitting the RTD market globally, with clever concoctions featuring artisan flavour combinations, low-sugar and cool packaging. Here’s our pick of the hot new brands to try…


These new 100% natural gin-based drinks are preservative-free and low in sugar, and come in three foodie flavor combos, Gin & Cucumber, Gin Lime & Mint with Soda, and Gin & Tonic with Lemon. Homegrown in sunny Tauranga, they contain a traditional dry gin made with native botanicals kawakawa and horopito. RRP $14.99, 4 pack 250ml (7% abv)


Made with zero sugar, zero carbs and 100% natural ingredients, Mojito is a new brand of vodka cocktails created by Kiwi company Clean Collective after they struggled to find premixed drinks that weren’t loaded with sugar or artificial ingredients. Made with pure sparkling water, triple distilled vodka and zero preservatives, they’re available in two flavours, Mandarin & Lime and Watermelon, Cucumber & Lime. RRP $14.99, 4 pack 300ml (5% abv)


If you love espresso martinis but can’t face trying to make them at home, Batched will be your new best friend. This ready-to-drink espresso martini concoction not only looks great on your bar top, you just add it with ice to anything with a lid, shake and pour for a smooth, consistent and super delicious cocktail. Batched is batch handcrafted with triple distilled vodka, Hawke’s Bay artesian water and organic Fairtrade coffee beans, and is carefully cold brewed over seven days for the flavour intensity that makes espresso martinis so popular. RRP $49.99, 750ml (13.9% abv)


Lilli is a range of spritzes from Lindauer made with a tasty blend of New Zealand apples, grapes, fruit juice and sparkling water. Choose from three gourmet flavours, Blueberry and Lemon, Mandarin and Peach, Raspberry and Pear. RRP $15.99 4 pack 250ml (4.5% abv)


These fruit wine spritzers are an artisan mix of sparkling sauvignon blanc and cider with fruit juices and charmingly colourful packaging. Available in Cucumber and Juniper, Strawberry & Kaffir Lime, and Grapefruit & Kaffir Lime. RRP $14.99, 4 pack 275ml (5.9% abv)

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