Alcoholic seltzers

Sussing out seltzers: Berg

Summer 2021 has been the season of the seltzer. Berg stands out from the crowd as an 'alcoholic seltzer' - but what does the term actually mean?

The cool room at your local Liquorland looks pretty different this summer. While you can still find all your favourite drinks easily enough, dominating the floor space this summer are seltzers. You'll find them at every party or gathering as they are go with everything. But one seltzer stands out from the crowd; while most originate from wine, beer or spirits, the Berg range is labelled as an 'alcoholic seltzer'. So what exactly is that?

Seltzers are crisp, refreshing carbonated water-based drinks, with alcohol and a hint of flavour. Most seltzers are generally lower in calories than standard RTD beverages, with fewer carbohydrates, less sugar and are very refreshing. How the different seltzers are created varies, depending on the alcohol base. Berg seltzers are created by taking sugar and fermenting it into alcohol; this removes the sweetness, leaving behind a very unique type of alcohol. A hint of fruit flavouring and fruit juice is then added to give each drink its own twist.

Berg comes in three flavours - Blackberry, Lemon & Yuzu and Watermelon. At under 110 calories per 330ml can, it's easy to see why they are popular; give one a try!