Low calorie RTDs

Scapegrace RTDs: Low alcohol, high flavour

Kiwi spirits creators Scapegrace has come up with its latest innovation: a low-calorie, low-alcohol ready-to-drink option that's perfect for when you're out and about

Scapegrace lovers rejoice – the premier New Zealand gin and vodka brand has joined the RTD party with a new low alcohol ready-made drink. Scapegrace Vodka, Soda with Cucumber and Mint (Light) is a bubbly 2.5% alcohol drink that’s lower in calories while still fresh, clean refreshing and delicious.  

This drink responds to growing demand for lighter, low-calorie premade options, and the low-alcohol option is ideal to take to barbecues, parties or situations where it’s just a bit tricky to make your own good vodka and mixer. Though lower in calories, Scapegrace Vodka, Soda with Cucumber and Mint still has the full-bodied taste that Scapegrace lovers adore.  

Since its launch in 2014, Scapegrace has won a slew of international awards for its gins. In 2020 the distillery launched a premiere vodka. Like their gins, Scapegrace Vodka is crafted using artisanal waters and is distilled in using a 19th century copper pot, to create a simple, honest profile with a creamy pavlova finish.