Pre-Mixed and Ready To Mingle

Talk about a can-do attitude!

Basically a bartender in a can, ready-to-drinks (RTDs) have come a long way since those sugary, head-thumping numbers that helped us see in year 2000. 

With many boasting low-sugar or low-carb to offer a 'better for you' option than their sweeter counterparts. 

Here's this week's pick of RTDs that are ready when you are.

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Long White Crisp Vodka & Lime

Triple-distilled vodka and naturally-flavoured New Zealand sparkling water. It’s light and refreshing, and made with locally sourced ingredients.

Major Major Whisky & Apple

A refreshing twist on the traditional and now fashionable whisky highball.

Grins Vodka Lemon Lime & Soda

Grins comes in two refreshing, on-trend flavours that are perfect for autumn get togethers. They’re low calorie and low sugar too, so they won’t weigh you down.

Canadian Club Soda & Lime

The smooth taste of Canadian Club with a hint of lime, topped with soda resulting in a perfect balance of natural sweetness and refreshing taste. 

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Jack Daniels & Cola

A full flavoured authentic Tennessee whiskey which has been expertly mixed with cola. It is the perfect choice when you want a stronger whiskey premix which is smooth and full in flavour without a hint of harsh.

Part Time Rangers Tropical Elephant Vodka

With less than 4 grams of sugar, this all-natural blend of vodka, passionfruit and apple ready-to-drink beverage is summer in a can.

Rinse Blackcurrant Vodka Soda

Deemed 'Ribena's naughty older sister', Rinse Blackcurrant has less than 2.3% sugar and is made with real Blackcurrant Juice. It's safe to say your weekend just got extra juicy!

Billy Maverick & Cola

The no nonsense drink has the backing of a genuine straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey and premium cola, blended just right to satisfy any bourbon fan.