Lift your spirits with Schweppes 1783 mixers

Did you know over 80% of what we taste is driven by aroma? There's a Schweppes 1783 mixer to enhance your favourite spirit, no matter what your flavour.

Carbonation is the most important aspect of any mixer. The effervescence in the bubbles is what triggers your sense of smell, giving you that eyes-closed, 'mmmmmm' moment before taking your first sip. It's the bubbles that capture the flavour of the spirit, releasing the aromas as they burst. 

Which is the perfect Schweppes mixer for you? 

Schweppes Crisp Tonic BottlesCC v2Crisp Tonic Water

Clean but not simple, this distinctive tonic balances crisp bitterness with enjoyable effervescence. Pair with all premium gins and vodkas.

Schweppes Salted Lemon CC v2

Salty Lemon Tonic Water

A bold blend that's not afraid to push boundaries and reach new heights of flavour and sophistication. Salty and citrusy notes merge with florals and aniseed to create a full flavour with real bite.

Pair with boutique gins, tequilas and traditional spirits.


Schweppes Cucumber Tonic CCQuenching Cucumber Tonic Water

A quintessential slice of thirst-quenching perfection. A sublimely sparkling tonic with notes of fresh cucumber on the palate.

Pair with fruity vodkas and floral gins.

Schweppes 1783 Ginger Ale CC v2

Golden Ginger Ale

A pinch and a punch.This soft, clean, refreshing serve packs the right level of kick, courtesy of a hint of ginger.

Pair with light Scotch whiskies and spicy boutique gins.