Clean Collective creates a Perfect 'Pear'

The talented duo behind the Clean Collective brand has created a Pear & Elderflower drink that's set to be a summer smash.

Anyone who's anyone is rocking up this summer with a good RTD in hand, and the team behind Clean Collective has added a new Pear & Elderflower flavour to their range of sugar, carb and preservative-free drinks range - just in time for a long hot summer.

The drink's hero flavour is juicy pear with subtle undertones of elderflower to round out each sip. Super thirst-quenching - just what you need in a New Zealand summer - Pear & Elderflower blurs the line between sweet and tangy.

Like all Clean Collective beverages, Pear & Elderflower, 5%ABV, contains no sugar, carbs or preservatives and is made using natural ingredients. It's the latest in their popular drinks line, which began when co-founders Holly and Dan decided in 2016 their OE money would be better spent on a great business idea than their planned overseas travel. Five years - and several successful drinks - later, the Clean Collective Pear & Elderflower is set to be their latest flavour success.

Perfect poured over ice, no matter where you are this summer.