A Major Major New Release

Whisky RTD lovers rejoice: there's a major new drink marching its way across New Zealand!

A new ready to drink whisky brand made with natural flavours and sparkling water is now in Liquorland cool rooms, delivering a refreshing twist on the traditional whisky highball.

Major Major comes in two flavours, Apple and Ginger, delivering a deliciously clean and refreshing 6% ABV drop made naturally. Clair Kent, liquid development manager at Asahi Beverages NZ, says the brand is designed to cater to the 'better for you' trend emerging for drinkers wanting something more natural, but with sophisticated flavours, in a can format.

"We decided to blend whisky with apple juice, using the fruit's natural sweetness as the base instead of sugar, avoiding any e-number additives," she says. "We found flavour that really complement whisky through the apple juice notes and a citrus bite, plus our other offering made with a twist of ginger ale."

Response has been great so far, with Kiwis loving the combination of flavours and freshness of Major Major. Major Major's Whisky & Apple, and Whisky & Ginger Ale are both sold in 220ml can 10-packs, RRP $26.99