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Forget what you think you know about RTDs. This category has had a major makeover and we’re loving its reinvention – especially now Smirnoff Seltzers have come to the party

There is a new wave of RTDs taking the world by storm – it’s a more sophisticated, subtle approach and a far cry from what used to spring to mind when encountering the ready-to-drink section. Clean, natural and lower in calories are the hallmarks of this RTD rebrand, which means health-conscious drinkers, who now comprise a huge percentage of the market, don’t need to compromise prioritising their wellbeing. And it’s trending big time – New Zealand’s ‘clean’ RTD category is positively booming, following the massive success of these types of drinks in overseas markets.


Smirnoff Seltzer LimeSmirnoff Seltzer Passion FruitSmirnoff Seltzer Raspberry Rosé


Now beloved vodka brand Smirnoff has entered the fray with their new Seltzer range. If you’re not familiar with the word seltzer, it’s simply another term for sparkling or carbonated water, and is the foundation of this fresh offering. Smirnoff Seltzers contain no sugar and have only 70 calories per can. You can choose from Passionfruit, Raspberry and Lime flavour options. So if you’re interested in a crisp refreshing drink, full of flavour without the sugar overload, fill a glass with ice, crack a tab and join the craze for clean.

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