A Clean Slate

Forget the heavy, sugary drinks of yesteryear; today's RTDs are all about clean, natural ingredients with plenty of flavour

Who said RTDs were on the naughty list?  We’ve found 10 options that are switching things  up with natural ingredients, low or no sugar, and a focus on feel-good flavour.

1. Smirnoff Seltzers

Looking for something clean that tastes great too? Smirnoff Seltzers have come to the rescue. The vodka brand has come up with a range of zero-sugar seltzers, including flavours such as Raspberry Rosé, Natural Lime and Passion Fruit. RRP$26.99, 12 x 250ml

2. Pals

These local lovelies use a minimal number of quality ingredients, nothing artificial, and have a low sugar content, coming only from Hawke’s Bay apple juice. Flavours include vodka, watermelon, mint and soda; and gin with lemon, cucumber and soda. RRP$28.99, 10 x 330ml

3. Finery

Finery certainly lives up to its name with some sophisticated flavour combinations, all inspired by nature. Choose from vodka with grapefruit, cucumber and mint; ginger, green tea, honey, mint and lemon; lemon myrtle lime and black tea; or vanilla and elderflower. Free from sugar, carbs and gluten. RRP$19.99, 4 x 250ml

4. Clean Collective

Health-conscious Kiwi duo Holly McGrath and  Dan Benoy came up with their idea for a “clean” RTD in 2016. Clean Collective is for people who care about  what they put in their bodies but still want to celebrate life with something delicious. Choose from flavours including mojito and gin mixes. RRP$14.99, 4 x 300ml

 5. Rinse

Sweetened with apple juice, Rinse’s all-natural vodka sodas come in two varieties: lemon or blood orange. As well as having less than 1.2 grams of sugar per 100ml, these citrusy sodas come in some creative cans to keep your eyes busy as well as your taste buds. RRP$28.99, 10 x 330ml

Rinse Blood Orange Vodka 10 Pack Cans 330ml 1 0010737

Rinse Blood Orange has less than 1.2g sugar per 100ml

6. Greenhill Seltzers

Another Kiwi brand making a splash, Greenhill Seltzers come in four varieties: bottles of West Indian lime; raspberry and lemon; blood orange and cans of lime and elderflower. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, the brand is pledging to donate a minimum of 10 per cent of any profits made to marine sustainability. RRP$24.99, 9 x 330ml

7. Part Time Rangers

All-natural RTDs with a cause. If you’re a wildlife fan, particularly of rhinos, elephants or sharks, then you can feel good as you drink Part Time Rangers’ range of RTDs. The company will donate 10 per cent of profits to organisations that benefit whichever animal features on the can. RRP$27.99, 10 x 330ml

8. Woodstock & Zero Sugar Cola

If you’re a fan of a Woodstock & Cola but are looking to cut down on the sweet stuff, then you’ll be pleased to know this bourbon RTD now comes in a zero-sugar cola variety. The same genuine Kentucky Bourbon flavour without all the calories. RRP$21.99, 10 x 330ml

9. Long White

Triple-distilled vodka and naturally flavoured New Zealand sparkling  water, Long White’s range includes lemon and lime, raspberry, and passionfruit. Made with apple juice and locally sourced ingredients, these RTDs are all about savouring summer flavours, even in the depths of winter. RRP$29.99, 10 x 320ml

10. Canadian Club & Zero Sugar Dry

Canadian Club and dry is a classic combination but, of course, that ginger ale is laden with sugar. Now the blended whiskey brand has come up with an RTD using a diet dry ginger ale so you can have your Canadian Club and dry, sugar-free. RRP$25.99, 10 x 330ml