• 3/4 cup milk of your choice
  • 3 marshmallows
  • 50ml spiced rum
  • 50ml hazelnut liqueur
  • toasted marshmallows and hazelnuts, to garnish
  1. Put a couple of marshmallows in a saucepan with the milk and heat gently until marshmallows are dissolved. Let cool.

  2. Pour into a glass and add hazelnut liqueur and spiced rum. Top with toasted marshmallows and toasted, chopped nuts.

  3. Toasted marshmallow garnish: Using small baking marshmallows, form a circle of marshmallows packed together as tightly as you can in a size and shape the same as your chosen glass. Grill under a medium heat until starting to brown. Carefully lift with a spatula and float on top of the drink.

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