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Fancy an ant gin or a pizza beer? Read about some of the world's craziest drinks plus our suggestions for what to drink instead…

Sometimes you just want to drink something different at a Saturday night gathering, but how far are you prepared to go? While we like to encourage the social experimentation and enjoyment of drink, you have to draw the line somewhere. So in the interests of research, we’ve pulled together some of the world’s craziest alcoholic drinks – and then some more palatable alternatives you might like to try instead…


Adelaide distillery Something Wild specialises in the use of indigenous Australian ingredients. Their Green Ant Gin utilises this traditional bush tucker ingredient which apparently has flavours of lime and coriander. Try instead: Tanqueray No.10 Gin is distilled with citrus for a refreshing taste.


While cafes are still touting smashed avocado on toast, do you really want that trend carried through to your next pint? American brewery Angel City’s Avocado Beer is made by fermenting avocado, coriander and lime. Try instead: 8 Wired Cucumber Hippy – a sweet and refreshing German white style craft beer.


Kiss The Devil Chilli Pepper Wine is allegedly made from 30 varieties of chillis, and hotter than hell. It’s not that we don’t like spicy wines, we just recommend ones that won’t have you breathing flames all over your dinner. Try instead: the spicy notes of Shot In The Dark Shiraz Petite Sirah with flavours of deep spices, black cherry, blackberry, chocolate, smoke and espresso.


Now there will be some of you who are liking the sound of this one, right? Mama Mia Pizza Beer is essentially a brew of tomatoes, herbs and garlic, and is from a Midwest American small scale brewer. Try instead: enjoy the herbal flavours of a Hopt Soda Pear & Basil with vodka.


Also known as “kumis”, this traditional drink from central Asia has local importance but limited global appeal. Try instead: if you like your alcohol with a creamy kick, new Good George Duck Island Ice Cream Blackberry, Sage and Honey Cream Stout is a collaboration with local Hamilton ice creamery Duck Island, (available at selected Liquorland stores nationwide).

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