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Wild West

Take a trip down the West Coast of New Zealand with Monteith’s latest beers

New Zealand's West Coast has long attracted forerunners – those who strike out on their own, looking for something new. From the early Maori settlers to the later European immigrants who came in search of coal and then gold, this Coast has had a special appeal.

In 1868 one such settler family broke new ground with the opening of a brewery in the region's main town Greymouth (“Māwhera”). Over the decades this original brewery evolved to become Monteith's, and while it might have grown into a national brand today, it keeps the West Coast at its heart, and nothing shows this love of striking out than the launch of Monteith's two latest beers…

Monteith’s Barber Lager

Another breath of fresh air wafting up from the West Coast.

What is it: A smooth lager with a malt background, Barber Lager contains a carefully selected blend of New Zealand, German and US hops delivering tempting notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

Taste: Moderately bitter with a crisp clean aftertaste, this brew has a cold blast of late-hopped malty refreshment, like the infamous Barber wind descending over the 12 Apostles near Greymouth.

The ‘Barber’ is the local West Coast name for the katabatic wind, a phenomenon that occurs in few places in the world – Greymouth being one of these places. The bone-chilling wind that blows down the Grey River is accompanied by fog, meaning you can actually see the ‘Barber’ as it cuts to the bone.

Monteith’s XPA

The next journey for pale ale enthusiasts.

What is it: A light malt base made with a select few speciality malts gives this XPA a light yet satisfying malt backbone to showcase the mix of fresh tropical and citrus hop aromas using a mix of New Zealand and US Citra hops. 

Taste: The XPA is a contemporary tag meaning Extra Pale Ale that has been interpreted in different ways by different brewers – layers on the tropical, floral hops to deliver heaps of enticing fruity aromas. The explosion of XPAs have come on the back of the popularity of ‘session IPAs’ although this new style is designed to pack the flavour and aroma of a hoppy IPA without the same level of bitterness. Just like the West Coast goldrush which started as an explosion, then saw innovators pivot to create their other businesses – such as the birth of the Monteith's brewery.

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