Low alcohol

What we're sippping: Heineken Light

This week, we're sipping something with minimal booze but maximum flavour

Lower calories, lower carbs and award-winning great taste – have it all with Heineken Light.  

With the warmer months drawing near, there will be plenty of occasions to enjoy an ice-cold brew.

Heineken is offering you a great alternative with less calories and carbs, making it the perfect beer of choice this summer.

Heineken Light, 2.5% ABV, has only has 72 calories per 330ml bottle, approximately half the calories and carbohydrates of Heineken 5%.

It also only contains three natural ingredients – water, malted barley and hops.

And with nearly half the calories of Heineken 5%, it could easily be assumed that it has half the taste. But Heineken Light does not compromise on flavour and holds its own against international and full-strength lagers. It recently won gold at the 2016 Monde Selection Awards in the low ABV category, was the Country Winner at the World Beer Awards for superior taste in the low ABV category, and most recently won the Best in Class at the Brewers Guild Awards for International Lager competing among full-strength lagers.

Put simply, it has the same premium taste you’ve come to expect from Heineken but with less calories and carbohydrates. It’s the perfect choice for summer.

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