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Sweet decadence

Just as most of us turn to stews and hot puddings for comfort when the weather is cool, craft beer lovers turn to more malt-forward, indulgent brews. Try these dessert-like porters and stouts next time you need a winter pick-me-up

1 Behemoth Triple Chocolate Milk Stout

behemoth, chocolate, stout

“Just like a chocolate milkshake only beery,” is how the brewer describes this rich chocolate milk stout. Brewed with chocolate malt, Dutch cocoa powder and cocoa nibs, it’s sweet enough to satisfy after-dinner chocolate cravings without being cloying. RRP$11.99, 500ml

2 Moa Chocolate Stout

moa, Chocolate, stout

This decadent stout is a rich and creamy pour made in collaboration with Lewis Road Creamery using Belgian chocolate nibs and a dash of Heilala Vanilla. This highly drinkable stout will suit beer and chocolate lovers alike. RRP$9.99, 500ml

3 Garage Project Cereal Milk Stout

garage project, stout

It sounds like a beer designed by a seven-year-old, but that’s the beauty of it. Brewed with cornflakes, oats, chocolate wheat and milk sugar, it’s a sweet, creamy stout reminiscent of the leftover milk in your childhood breakfast bowl. RRP$4.99, 330ml

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