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Are you ready for GABS Auckland 2019? With the city's biggest festival about to descend on us this weekend, Liquorland Toast takes a look at some of the top stouts to get your hands on

From donuts to Christmas spice, these brewtiful stouts are sure to impress. With over 100 brews exclusive to GABS, here's a little teaser of what you can expect at GABS Auckland, 2019, proudly presented by Liquorland.

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Wayward Brewing Co (AUS) with Grumpy Donuts & Toby’s Estate

wayward, gabs, stout, beer

STYLE: Sweet Stout ABV: 6%
CHARACTER: Roast (soft and silky)
COMPLEXITY: Adventurous
Coffee and donuts are as inseparable as Yin is to Yang. In partnership with Grumpy Donuts and Toby’s Estate roasters, this is a Milk Stout, with actual donuts used in the process. All complemented with a special blend of gently roasted beans.

Big Shed Brewing Concern (AUS)

timtam, beer, gabs, big shed brewing

STYLE: Sweet Stout ABV: 6%
CHARACTER: Roast (soft and silky)
COMPLEXITY: Adventurous
You know what this is. Coffee, Tim Tam… you’ve done it before and moaned a little as the bikkie melted in your mouth. Give this one an extra kick by sucking it through a Tim Tam...

Dainton Brewery (AUS)

STYLE: Sweet Stout ABV: 9%
CHARACTER: Roast (soft and silky)
COMPLEXITY: Adventurous
Local organic cacao, homemade candi sugar, and a love of chocolate bars create this toffee milk chocolate stout with a fluoro golden head.

Felons Brewing Co (AUS)

STYLE: Specialty Beer ABV: 5.7 %
CHARACTER: Roast (dark and dry)
COMPLEXITY: Stepping up
Roasted coffee and cacao nibs are used to create a stout designed to handle the steamy Brisbane summer. It’s never too hot for stout.

Lumberjack Brewing Co (BOP)

STYLE: Imperial Stout ABV: 12%
CHARACTER: Roast (dark and dry)
COMPLEXITY: Adventurous
Mulled wine, but in beer form! It’s a barrel aged Imperial Stout that uses red wine barrels, raisins, cranberries, prunes, Christmas spice, and brandy. Beautiful, complex, and warming on a cold day.

McLeod's Brewery (NTL)

mcleods brewery, beer, gabs, stout

STYLE: Oatmeal Stout ABV: 2.5%
CHARACTER: Roast (soft and silky)
COMPLEXITY: Easier drinking
Based near idyllic Bream Bay, the team at McLeod’s enjoy some of New Zealand’s best surf (even in winter). This low-alcohol stout was made for sipping around a cracking bonfire with friends. The perfect pour once the sun sets and the last wave has been surfed.

Moon Dog Craft Brewery (AUS)

STYLE: Sweet Stout ABV: 7%
CHARACTER: Fruit/Spicy (dark)
COMPLEXITY: Adventurous
Chocolate, peanut and caramel. Name a more iconic trio. We'll wait. This beer is rich and sweet and demands satisfaction. Are you not satisfied?!

Mythica Brewing (AUK)

STYLE: Specialty Beer ABV: 6.5%
CHARACTER: Roast (dark and dry)
COMPLEXITY: Adventurous
King Tut treasured licorice so much that he stored copious amounts in his tomb for the journey into the next world. As a nod, Mythica has made a tropical Stout, with chocolate malts and the tang of licorice.

NZ Homebrewer Of The Year (WKO)

STYLE: Spiced Beer ABV: 6%
CHARACTER: Roast (soft and silky)
COMPLEXITY: Adventurous
Hamilton-based ocean scientist Karl Safi has won the prestigious SOBA Champion Homebrewer Trophy not once, but twice, which is an incredible testament to his brewing expertise. This is his Choco Molé Stout, brewed with cocoa nibs, molé spices and locally grown chilli, making for a smooth, chocolatey, satisfying and complex winter warmer.

Outlier Cartel (AUK)

suragga, beer, gabs, outlier cartel, stout

STYLE: Imperial Stout ABV: 11%
CHARACTER: Roast (soft and silky)
COMPLEXITY: Adventurous
The flavours of the Pacific Rim are important to our lives, and Outlier Cartel want to highlight the risks of climate change by putting them in a beer. New Zealand kelp, coconut, kumara and pineapple can all be found in this Imperial Milk Stout.

Panhead Custom Ales (WGN)

STYLE: Sweet Stout ABV: 8%
CHARACTER: Roast (soft and silky)
COMPLEXITY: Adventurous
A night out in Saigon is something everyone should experience, but if you can’t make it to the streets of Vietnam, then this beer will take you there. Vietnamese coffee is used in the process, and it's served with a few drops of sweetened condensed milk.

Semi-Pro Brewing Co (AUS)

STYLE: Oatmeal Stout ABV: 5.5%
CHARACTER: Roast (soft and silky)
COMPLEXITY: Stepping up
This mixes fresh, locally sourced blueberry with the Stout richness of bitter chocolate, crumbly biscuits and coffee hints. Poured on nitro, it has a smooth, rich flavour with a touch of sourness from the blueberry added post ferment.

Woolshed Brewery (AUS)

STYLE: Extra Stout ABV: 8.1%
CHARACTER: Roast (dark and dry)
COMPLEXITY: Adventurous
Using brandy soaked oak staves from St Agnes Distillery, think of this as a South Australian Extra Stout. Full bodied, with plenty of brandy notes.

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