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Steinlager's Carbon Zero Promise

Make more than just a drink choice next time you buy your beer; Steinlager is New Zealand's first major beer brand to achieve carbon zero certification

Steinlager believes in taking responsibility for the environmental impact of their beer, and are proud to be New Zealand's first major beer brand to achieve carbon zero certification.

Steinlager has received official product certification from Toitū Envirocare in accordance with international stanards. This means all the emissions from the entire lifecycle of Steinlager beers - from growing the grain to the length of time it spends in your fridge - are accounted for, and either reduced, or offset using verified carbon credits.

The Toitū enviromark programme ensures organisations are meaningfully managing their environmental impacts through a mentoring approach. Through the programme, organisations develop, implement and maintain a robust Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS is independently audited annually to ensure it meets stringent requirements of continual improvement, applicable regulations and international standards. Organisations identify the significant environmental impacts arising from their activities, and develop plans to prevent or reduce those impacts. 

The everyday beer lover doesn't always consider the environmental impact of the beer in their hand; now you can enjoy your favourite Steinlager knowing its carbon footprint has been 100% offset.

Choose from the Steinlager range, which includes Steinlager Classic, Steinlager Pure, and Steinlager Tokyo Dry. Whichever you choose, you're making a difference to the future of New Zealand.

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