Small beers, big flavour

Perfect for crushing on a hot summer’s day, session beers are designed to quench your thirst without eroding your backyard cricket skills

While there aren’t hard and fast rules about what defines a session beer, anything easy-drinking (as in, you could happily consume three of them) that clocks in between 2.5% and 5% ABV probably fits the bill.

The best session beers are those that are well-balanced and pack plenty of flavour, despite their relatively low alcohol content. Here are a few that punch above their weight:

Tuatara Iti Little Pale Ale (3.3%)

Tuatara Iti

Brewing well-rounded, hop-forward session beer isn’t easy, but Iti delivers with citrus and mango hop flavours, punchy bitterness and a firm malt body. RRP$22.99, 6 pack 330ml


Sawmill Session IPA (3.7%)

Sawmill Session IPA

Bring a few cold cans of this hoppy, bright and well-rounded baby IPA to any outdoor barbecue/picnic situation and you’ll be an instant hit. RRP$16.99, 4 pack 330ml


Emerson’s Bookbinder (3.7%)

Emerson's Bookbinder

With its soft malty body, gentle bitterness and floral/citrus hop aromas, Bookbinder is a legendary pale ale that just happens to go easy on the alcohol. RRP$24.99, 6 pack 330ml


Mac’s Mid Vicious (2.5%)

Mac's Mid Vicious

Easy-drinking and refreshing with a gentle hop bite, there’s really nothing vicious at all about this 2.5% pale ale. RRP$16.99, 6 pack 330ml

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