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Session Beer Guide

All good things in moderation as the saying goes, so we take a look at low-strength session beers and suggest some great options to try

Words by Geoff Griggs

Drinkability and refreshment are what links all session beers, as any style can be made lower in strength than described in the classic style guidelines. Limited by a maximum 5% ABV, the goal for session beers should be to reach a balance between the style’s character and the lower alcohol content.

The word “session” often appears as a prefix if a brewer has brewed a reduced-strength version of a stronger classic style. For example, while a full-strength IPA might weigh in at a robust 6.5 or 7% alcohol by volume, a session IPA might be brewed at a more quaffable 5%, or less. The objective here for the brewer is to produce a beer that best approaches the hop-laden intensity and overall balance of an IPA, but with a drinkability and reduced strength that allows continued enjoyment over an extended period.

Top Pick

Coopers Session Ale bottle

Coopers Session Ale

A fresh, sessionable, fruity ale, this bottle-conditioned beer marries citrus and tropical fruit notes from two comparatively new Australian hop varieties (galaxy and melba) with the fruity estery flavours of Coopers Ale yeast and finishes with a mild bitterness. RRP$16.99, 6 pack 375ml at Liquorland

Liquorland Picks

Mac’s Mid Vicious session beer

Mac’s Mid Vicious

With all the hoppy flavour but half the alcohol content, this pale ale keeps all the fans happy (2.5% ABV). RRP$15.99, 6 pack 330ml at Liquorland

Tuatara Iti Pale Ale session beer

Tuatara Iti Pale Ale

Punchy New World hops and subdued malts combine for a sessionable Kiwi pale ale. (3.3% ABV). RRP$18.99, 6 pack 330ml at Liquorland

8 Wired Semi Conductor Session IPA beer

8 Wired Semi Conductor Session IPA

American and New Zealand hops combine for maximum flavour with citrus and green grass flavours, (4.4% ABV). RRP$23.99, 6 pack 330ml at Liquorland

Moa Sessionable Pale Ale beer

Moa Sessionable Pale Ale

This New World style pale ale has toasty malt flavours and earthy, tropical fruit hop tones, (4.7% ABV). RRP$27.99, 12 pack 330ml at Liquorland

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