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See Richard Emerson's Reaction To This Beer & Rum Match!

Matching beer and spirits has never been so good – and so entertaining. 

Watch Emerson's Brewery founder Richard Emerson (otherwise known as the "Hopfather") and Emerson's Sales and Marketing Manager Greg Menzies match Emerson's Hazed and Confused with Bacardi 8yo.

Emerson (left), who was born deaf and may well be the world's only deaf brewer, says of his Hazed and Confused IPA. "I wished Hazy Beers were as popular now as they were 28 years ago; my [brewing] life would have been a lot easier. It's easily-drinkable."

When he tastes the Bacardi 8yo Cuban Rum, his response is gold. "Oh *expletive* ! You are going to love this..."

Press the 'play' icon below to view. 

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