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It’s nearly the weekend and the perfect time for some social snacking while sampling fine brews

With the announcement of a new addition to Speight’s Master Brewer range, Toast selects our favourite snacks to pair with top-shelf beers for social weekend gatherings (or lazy nights on the sofa)…


New to the Master Brewer range, Speight’s Gold Rush is a crisp honey lager, with malt and honey qualities, a subtle aftertaste and a refreshing finish.

  • Because of its honey elements, this makes perfect pairing with soft cheeses like brie and goat's cheese. Add a drizzle of runny honey, and chuck some herb crackers or herby bread on the side
  • The crisp, refreshing sensation and honeyed sweetness of this beer will go well with spicy, cured meats like salami and pastrami
  • Honeyed nuts or caramel popcorn are a tasty match for the sweet notes of this beer


A pilsner made with aromatic hops, Speight’s Triple Hop has crisp hits of citrus, green hops and a light malty biscuit finish that makes for perfect sessionability.

  • Spices and pilsners are a match made in heaven, so open some red chilli chippies, or corn chips with salsa
  • BBQ flavours also work well here, such as a tub of smoked mussels
  • If fish and chip Friday is your thing, the crisp bitterness of a pilsner pairs well with fish and cuts through the oiliness of this guilty pleasure


The rich, creamy flavours of Speight’s Old Dark make it perfect pairing with strong and rich-flavoured foods such as cheese, chocolate and coffee.

  • Chocolate and beer are firm friends for the tastebuds, pair this dark lager with dark chocolate, and caramel flavours like toffee (Toffee Pops anyone?)
  • Light cheeses will be overthrown by the powerful flavours of this kind of beer, so opt for strong blue cheese eaten with crackers or, even better, oat cakes to bring out the roasted cereal tastes
  • Chocolate coated coffee beans would also work well with this brew, both of which flavours can be found in the bottle
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