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Premium 0.0% Beer Launches In New Zealand

A beer just launched that you can technically drink at your desk. Find out about new Heineken 0.0 and a few other zero things we think are cool

If you’ve ever fancied a sneaky beer but not wanted or been able to drink alcohol, we have great news for you. Heineken just launched a 0.0%* beer that’s great for those looking for new drink options that taste great. Here’s our list of things rated zero that we think are pretty cool…

Heineken 0.0, Heineken 0%, no-alcohol beer, non-alcoholic beer, Heineken0.0% Beer: This one’s kind of a no-brainer right: a beer that's great for mid-week drinks, work lunches or post workout? Twice brewed and fermented with 100% natural ingredients before having the alcohol gently removed, Heineken 0.0, which just launched in New Zealand, is great if you’re wanting to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, without having to sacrifice the taste of a great beer. Not only does Heineken 0.0 let you stay sharp when you need to, it’s also a low-calorie option, with only 69 calories per bottle.

Zero Gravity: David Bowie may have sung about floating around in a most peculiar way, but we reckon floating around in constant motion would be a super fun way to spend an afternoon.

Zero Calorie Foods: Sounds like some kind of space food cooked up by someone living in zero gravity too long right? However, the following fruit and veggies use more calories to digest than they provide: apples, broccoli, cucumber, grapefruit, apricots, strawberries and kale.

Zero Colour Kiwi: Manukura is the only known kiwi in the world technically without colour. Born in the Wairarapa in 2011, she has a recessive white feather gene and is a little white fluffball that we think is super cute. No wonder her name, Manukura, means “of chiefly status”.

  • Less than 0.05% alcohol by volume from the natural brewing process

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