no alcohol beers to try

New Occasions: Zero alcohol beers

With DB Export and Heineken joining the fray of zero alcohol beers, it now means the flavours we know and love are available to all beer-lovers, no matter what you're up to!

In the past, when we’ve not been up for a big night, or needed to stay clear-headed for whatever reason, sugary sodas, juices or water have been some of the only readily available alternatives. But now beer lovers can rejoice because two of our favourite beers are offering up their signature styles, just without the alcohol.

DB Export Gold 0.0 is a crisp, full flavoured golden lager with all the refreshing character you would expect from the innovative Kiwi brand. It’s a great option for DB Export Gold fans for times when they feel like the taste of beer, but without the alcohol content. Made with a combination of premium malts and hops using an innovative new brewing process – one which DB has been developing and refining over the last year – it’s an easy drinking lager with notes of stone fruit and a smooth malty mouth feel. It’s also the first locally brewed zero-alcohol beer option available nationally.

Heineken drinkers too, who need to stay sharp or are looking to cut down on calories, can still partake in a refreshing glass and keep on track with the release of Heineken 0.0, with only 69 calories per bottle. With more and more Kiwis opting for a health-conscious lifestyle, Peter Simons, managing director of DB Breweries says, “We are delighted to offer Kiwis a 0.0%* alcohol Heineken product that delivers the premium Heineken taste that consumers know and love.”

Beer-drinkers are now regularly opting for alcohol-free beer varieties. Indeed, by the year 2020 it is predicted that one in five beers sold will either be a light or zero offering. Says Simons, “We have a bold ambition to lead the premium Low and No Alcohol category beer segment and build positive associations around drinking choices – in other words, we want to make no and low alcohol beer as acceptable as any other adult drink option." We’ll definitely raise a glass to that.