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Monteith's Great Divide

If you’re thirsting for something adventurous, you can’t go past a beer inspired by the mighty Arthur’s Pass

An honorary nod to the West Coast pioneers who first braved the rugged Southern Alps, Monteith’s Great Divide is full-bodied, flavoursome and intrepid enough to fire up the taste buds of any outdoorsy type. Whether you’re a snow lover, an ocean swimmer, a forest hiker, a peak climber or a mountain biker, you’ll appreciate the care and attention to detail that’s gone into this bold brew. As will any lover of great beer and great Kiwi success stories.

Monteith's Great Divide

Beginning with a pale malt base, Great Divide deftly bridges the peaks of sour and sweet, with a touch of toffee and moderate bitterness on the palate. Generous dry hopping delivers zesty citrus flavours and ripe orange notes, plus a hint of tropical passionfruit.

Uniquely Kiwi and best savoured at the end of a successful escapade, Great Divide tastes of the warm glow of the day’s end.

It’s the adventurous Kiwi spirit in a bottle – and it’s calling all you lovers of discovery to explore and enjoy.

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