rugby drinks

Mix and match

The world will be in union over the next few weeks; make sure your drinks are too with our handy guide to the best regional tipples for each team.

There's nothing like settling down to watch a good rugby game with an ice cold drink of your choice. Stuck for something different? Why not try pairing your games and your beverages by taking inspiration from the teams. Here's some suggestions for this weeks matches.


Their clash with New Zealand might be a bit too early even for a lager, but Namibian favourite beer bread – a simple recipe that mixes self raising flour and sugar with a can of wheat beer, like Mac’s Great White - makes a hearty breakfast. Namibia is also home of the Marula fruit, so whoever the victor, why not celebrate Friday night with luscious liqueur Amarula.


If you are getting up (or staying up) for this Saturday morning clash, you might find you need something with a bit of zing. Fernet-Branca, originally from Italy, is very popular in Argentina. Famously described by one American publication as tasting like ‘black liquorice flavoured listerine’, you’ll find it consumed around Buenos Aires mixed with coke or soda water.?


Known more for barbecued meats and football, it’s possible they won’t have too much to celebrate Monday night. But when one of your country’s most popular drinks is Medio y medio – half white wine, mixed with half champagne – do you really need a good reason to raise a glass?! Try making yours blush, Kiwi style, by blending Wither Hills Rose with a splash of Cloudy Bay Pelorus for a refreshing accompaniment to the game.


Their next game starts about the same time as your night ends, which seems like a good excuse to enjoy a wee dram of scotch. Glen Moray Classic Speyside Single Malt has a rich peaty flavour, or try the creamy Glenlivet 15 year for easy drinking. If you really want to impress your friends, then award winning Ardbeg Uiegeadail is a must.

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