Beer and food

Made to Match

With so many diverse and delicious brews on the market these days, we’ve discovered that alongside sipping them all, pairing them with gorgeous summery dishes can be a lot of fun too

We’ve matched up two of our favourite brews with some simple and delicious recipes for you to enjoy this summer. 

Speight's Triple Hop Pilsner 

A pilsner true to its traditions, Triple Hop Pilsner uses three distinct hops; one for bitterness at the beginning and two for aroma added later on. The moment you spark up the barbecue is the moment to take the top off a Triple Hop Pilsner – perfect with anything fresh from the sea.

Try it with: Dish Magazine's Spicy Fish Tacos 

Mac's Green Beret 

Brewed to produce flavours of citrus, pine and tropical fruit, this Indian Pale Ale is dry hopped for an explosion of hop aroma and flavour.
Try it with: Dish Magazine's Citrus and Honey Grilled Chicken Skewers with Couscous


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