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Made to match with Mac's

Up your enjoyment of Mac’s tasty beers by knowing which foods bring out the best of each bevvy

Mac's Black Mac

macs, made to match, black mac

Hats off to this smooth porter with classy hints of caramel, liquorice and chocolate, while toasted malts bring the curtain down to a characterful finish. 

TRY WITH: Blue Cheese and Quince Toasties

Mac's Pressure Drop

pressure drop, macs

This American IPA is a hoppy storm full of great bitterness and a load of fruit notes that’ll kick you in the tentacles with a ton of flavour.

TRY WITH: Snapper Ceviche

Mac's Sassy Red

macs, macs sassy red

This amber ale turns heads with its rich red colour and ample proportions of malt and hops, and is perfectly balanced for complex and robust flavour.

TRY WITH: Chorizo Hot Dogs

Mac's Love Buzz

macs love buzz, macs, beer

This golden, sparkling honey mead is a light and refreshing sip with complex floral aromas and flavours, and a classic dry finish.

TRY WITH: Baked Goats’ Cheese

Mac's Interstate

macs, macs interstate, beer

Jump aboard this ride to an American IPA that’s full-on flavour with punchy citrus, clean pine notes and a refreshing crisp bitterness.

TRY WITH: Deep-Fried Pickles with Smoked Paprika Mayo

Mac's Green Beret

macs green beret, beer, macs

A fruity IPA with citrus, pine and tropical fruit flavours, plus a controlled explosion of hop aroma and flavour, that leaves you wanting reinforcements.

TRY WITH: Smoked Paprika and Garlic Roasted Nuts

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