Mac's Beer

Mac's: Kiwi Craft Beer Since 1981

Mac’s is one of the leaders in Kiwi craft beer and for good reason, too. We take a look at how their can-do spirit skyrocketed them into the brewing hall of fame.

The Mac’s story began with a man called Terry in 1981. As a pub manager, he wasn’t particularly impressed with the beers he could get for his pub, so he thought; ‘What if I brewed some myself.’ 

So in true Kiwi D.I.Y. fashion, Terry went about brewing some himself. 

Brewing licenses were hard to come by and no one had applied for one for over 50 years. Eventually Terry obtained his license and started playing around with brewing methods. 

Soon enough, Terry had created his own beer – Mac’s.

His hard work started to pay off and beer drinkers caught on that Mac’s was a decent and delicious beverage. A few of those beer drinkers followed suit, getting their hands on brewing licenses and joining the Kiwi brewing scene – a scene that Mac’s played a key role in kicking off. 

The unique ribbed bottle and rip cap that harbour every Mac’s beer are legacies of the pioneering approach that has been part of the brand since day one.  

Terry has moved on, but that ‘what if’ attitude still remains. Thirty-odd years since Mac’s first brew and they are still passionately striving to produce beers and ciders that Kiwis love. 

Pick up one of their brews here or below, and visit one of the Mac’s Brewbars dotted around the country. 

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