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Reward yourself with a new beer that’s 75% lower in carbs than your regular brew

If you’re a fan of rewarding yourself after a hard day’s work or workout, but don’t love compromising your health and fitness goals, you’ll love Speight’s newest beer.

Brewed for longer to reduce the carb content, Speight’s Summit Ultra has 75% less carbs*, without sacrificing taste. Easy drinking, smooth and slightly malty, Summit Ultra may have a lot less carbs but it’s got the same full flavor you’d expect from a bottle of something golden and bubbly.

The perfect reward at the end of a long day. Or you could have a kale smoothie instead (feel free to try the recipe below). Your choice of course!

*Than the average carb content of leading NZ beers

Kale Smoothie

Kale Smoothie

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