Best low ABV beers

How low can you go?

Summer is the season for enjoying low alcohol, full flavoured beers. We take a look at five of the best

Croucher Lowrider IPA

For those who love the fruity, hoppy flavours of IPAs but don't want the alcohol hit, Croucher Lowrider is a perfect choice. With a solid malt character for its low ABV and passionfruit hop aromas, this is a true ‘big flavoured’ session beer.

Heineken Light 

Clocking in at just 2.5%, this premium lager offers a smooth drinking experience that doesn't compromise on flavour. Not only is it light in alcohol, it's lower in both calories and carbs than regular Heineken, so you can enjoy a few extra chips alongside it. 

Tuatara ITI 

In our opinion, this is one of the tastiest low-alcohol craft beers on the market. ITI, meaning “small” in Te Reo Maori, uses a light malt base to highlight the American and Nelson Sauvin hops. At just 3.3% it’s an ideal session APA. 

Speights Mid Ale

In the words of the folk at Speight’s, life is about striking a balance, and their new mid-strength beer does just that. The low-alcohol, full-flavoured beer uses Pacific Jade and Green Bullet hops for bitterness, balanced with a smooth caramelized flavour from three malts. 

Export Citrus 0%

Zero-alcohol beer options are few and far between, but DB's Export Citrus 0% is just that. Even though the alcohol is missing, it’s still packed with the same great DB Export Citrus flavour you love, and perfect anytime of the day.

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