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Little RIPA

The team at the Monteith’s Brewery have crafted something a little different, something a little fiery (in colour), and something which they’ve affectionately dubbed the “little RIPA”

Say hello to the new Monteith’s RIPA Red IPA.

The Monteith's infamous West Coast brewing trio, Tony, Pixie and Paul, in conjunction with master brewer Alex Biedermann, have created a new brew with a ruby red hue and bold flavour. This new, young beer style is an inspired hybrid that blurs the boundaries between an Indian Pale Ale (IPA) and an Amber Ale. And it's nothing short of absolutely delicious.

The Monteith’s RIPA Red IPA is a West Coast interpretation of a traditional Red IPA – a bold 5.3% Brewer’s Series release, which is an exuberant blend of colour, flavours and aromas. The unique Monteith’s recipe which incorporates both New Zealand and American Cascade hops, shapes the backbone of this rich but elegant beer. Add to that, an exceptional combination of seven different malts, including Red Back, Shepard’s Delight and Chocolate Malts, which deliver both body and sweetness. 

Monteith’s RIPA Red IPA is a Brewer’s Series brew available in 330ml bottle six-pack.

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