lighten up

Lighten up

Our current favourite lower-alcohol options for the warmer months

Stoneleigh Lighter Pinot Gris

Just as much flavour and freshness but with a lower booze-factor. The Stoneleigh Lighter Pinot Gris is the perfect place to start when looking for a lighter wine.

Heineken Light

Heineken is offering Kiwis a great alternative to their favourite green bottle with less calories and carbs, making it the perfect beer of choice this summer. At 2.5% ABV, Heineken Light has 72 calories per 330ml bottle, approximately half the calories and carbohydrates of Heineken 5%. 

Export Citrus 0%

This sensational beer offers drinkers something completely different to anything they have tried before and even took away a Grande Gold at the Monde Selection in 2014. It’s a blend of DB Export Beer and natural lemon juice with no added preservatives. It’s the ideal after-work thirst-quencher. 

Mac’s Mid Vicious Session Pale Ale

Mac’s Mid Vicious is a pale ale with attitude – a strong, hoppy flavour with just 2.5% ABV. It’s a beer with more taste than you’ll bargain for. 

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