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Let’s twist again

The West Auckland based Hallertau brew-bar specialise in taking a classic beer and giving it a modern twist

Stephen Plowman, owner and head brewer at Hallertau, started his adult life as a geologist. It was while he was working in Western Australia that he took a course in micro-brewing. He’d always had a passion for beer, and began experimenting with his own brews and even growing his own hops. Thankfully, his wife Hayley is just as enthusiastic and Hallertau brew-bar was born.

Launched in 2005, the name Hallertau comes from the German valley where hops were first grown. The first four brews aimed to take well-known international beers and give them a local style. They were named by the locals who enjoyed them at the Riverhead-based bar. Since then they’ve introduced another four beers for the more discerning drinker.

Hallertau’s popularity grew so much they began to make their bottled beers available nationwide and in 2015 they installed a new 2500L Brew House to meet growing demand. They’ve also refurbished their on-site restaurant and opened a 250-seater garden bar.

Steve, whose vision is to“produce tasty beers for thirsty people”, says “I’m a fanatic, not a purist. I’m all about throwing convention out the window to get the best product”.

About the beers

No1 - The Hallertau Luxe is a New Zealand version of a Kölsch, the brew of Cologne. Made with local ingredients, this version has elements of passionfruit and blueberries and is described as an entry level craft beer.

No 2 - The Statesman Pale Ale; hoppy, tangy but approachable.

No 3 - Their Copper Tart Red Ale is a malt-based brew with undertones of chocolate and caramel.

No 4 – The Deception takes the darkness up a notch – a sweet but light bitter that uses de-husked malt to reduce the dryness on the palate.

The Heroic comprises four powerful beers that take their more traditional siblings to the next level.

The Stuntman Imperial India Pale Ale uses 10 hops and weighs in at 8.5 per cent.

Minimus Breakfast IPA is just 3.8 per cent but still has a high hop kick.

Maximus IPA takes the alcohol content up to 5.8 per cent with a creamy, malty base.

Porter Noir offers a rich, chocolately porter aged in pinot noir barrels.

Hallertau also produce a seasonal range and two traditionally brewed sour beers. All best enjoyed with good food and great friends.

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