6 Beer-Tasting Tips

Want a deeper appreciation of your next pour? Here are some hacks to appreciate beer in all its glory.

1. Look 

Before you dive into tasting a beer, pour it into a clear glass and take a decent look at it. Pay attention to the colour, clarity, foam and consistency. 

2. Swirl

Just like wine, beer can benefit from a little swirling. Gently swirl the beer in a glass to unlock its aromas, stimulate carbonation and put its head retention to the test. 

3. Sniff

Giving your pint a hefty sniff probably isn’t something you want to be seen doing. It’s entirely acceptable with a glass of vino, but breathing in a brew is sure to raise a few perplexed eyebrows. 

Taking in aroma, however, is a crucial step of beer tasting. Take two speedy sniffs through your nose and then one long one. Try breathing with you mouth open and closed, and take note of the sensory experience. 

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4. Taste 

After all that, it’s time to let that beer pass your lips. Have a small sip and instead of swallowing straight away, let the beer linger in your mouth. This will allow the beer’s characteristics and flavours to make their presence.

Does it start with a hint of sweetness and end with a bitter note? Is it fruity or smoky? Is it acidic, salty or smooth? Try and identify what your taste buds are experiencing.

Tip: Try the beer when it’s cold and later on, when it’s a bit warmer. The flavours are likely to be more pronounced once the beer loses it chill.

5. Mouthfeel 

Notice how to beer feels in your mouth. Is it light and airy or heavy and viscous? How bubbly is it? Does it leave an astringent or mellow taste?

The mouthfeel will vary depending on the style of beer, brewing methods and ingredient quality. 

6. Evaluate

Properly tasting beer can help you discover your favourite brew and which ones you’d buy again. It’s also a handy way to detect the duds.

Don’t get disheartened if you’re having trouble pinning down what you’re tasting and smelling – practice makes perfect. 

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