Low to no carb/sugar/alcohol beers

How low can you go?

Squeezing the most out of your day and sticking to your health regime while still enjoying a bevvy or two has never been easier

Beers can be put back on the itinerary no matter your schedule or diet with the rise of low and no-alcohol beers. Whether you’re driving, or perhaps need to stay sharp out on the water to nab the big catch, favourites such as Heineken, DB Export Gold and Asahi all have zero alcohol options. And those on low-carb or low-sugar diets need not miss out on a cold one either: DB Export Gold Beer Extra Low Carb, Speight’s Summit Ultra and Steinlager Pure Light are all flavourful options to try if you’re after less sugar in your life.

229289 Heineken 0 12 Pack Bottles 330ml 1 0008735

Heineken 0.0%
RRP $24.99, 12 x 330ml

232496 Export Gold Extra Low Carb 330ml 1 0011679

DB Export Gold Extra Low Carb 
RRP $25.99, 12 x 330ml

896403 Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb 6 Pack Bottles 355ml 1 0009115

Pure Blonde
RRP $24.99, 12 x 355ml

DB Export Gold 0.0

DB Export Gold 0.0%
RRP $24.99, 12 x 330ml

232882 Steinlager Pure Light 6 Pack Bottles 330ml 1 0010883 1

Steinlager Pure Light
RRP $23.99, 12 x 330ml

103788 Speights Summit Ultra Lager 330ml 1 0010880

Speight's Summit Ultra Low Carb
RRP $24.99, 12 x 330ml