Beer Ideas

How To Drink Beer Like The French

Celebrate the French way of life this Bastille Day by following these délicieux beer drinking tips

Tip 1: Drink French

The land that invented chocolate in bread for breakfast, three course lunches with wine, and such delights as pate, soufflé, brie, crepes and crème brûlée, knows a thing or trois about stuff that tastes good. And if a third of all the beer drunk in France is French beer, then who are we to argue? The most popular beer in France is Kronenbourg 1664, which has been produced near the German border since, you guessed it, 1664. Made with Strisselspalt hops (known as the “caviar of hops”), Kronenbourg 1664 is much loved for its complex bittersweet taste and trademark bite.

Tip 2: The Pour

Drinking in France is a social affair, as much about the setting as it is company and food. Beer is always served in a glass, and and most cafes and brasseries offer beer in “demi” (like a half pint) as well as pint glasses, that let you pace yourself amidst handfuls of olives and salted nuts.

Tip 3: The Setting

Streetside dining is where it's at in French cities and villages, but if it's too cold this July to try that at where you are, just turn the heaters up in your dining room at home, pull a couple of pot plants around you, chuck on some French music (we recommend Daft Punk to serenade you without sending you to sleep), and throw some breadcrumbs outside to attract the pigeons.

Tip 4: The Food

With so much great French food available, how do you choose? Because of its perfectly balanced flavour profile, we suggest matching Kronenbourg 1664 with rich cheeses and smoked meats to complement its slightly bitter and sweet taste, while the beer's refreshing bite slices perfectly through those irresistible fats that you find in French meat terrines, pates and Foie Gras. Meanwhile the unique floral and aromatic flavours of France’s favourite beer will pair really well with seafood dishes like mussels with herbs. Bon apetit!

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