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Get Crafty This New Year’s Eve

Pale Ales have been the most popular beer style of 2018, so we recommend seeing in the Kiwi new year with the refreshing, citrus-forward flavours of APAs

What is an APA?

First things first, know what you’re drinking – if only to give you a good opening chat-up line or something to talk about in the queue for the loos. Where pale ales (PA) tend to have an even balance of malt and hop characters, and India pale ales (IPA) feature strong hop flavours and aromas, American pale ales (APA) usually have good bitterness and a great citrus punch thanks to the use of Cascade hop varieties which have bright citrusy notes. If you want to know more about the differences between IPA and APA beers, read here.

Perfect for hot day refreshment, APAs pair well with everything from fish and chips (our personal favourite) to spicy Mexican foods, firm cheeses like cheddar, curry, pizza and chargrilled burgers. Here are our top picks this New Year’s…

Panhead, Panhead Breweries, Panhead beer, craft beer, beer, New Zealand beer, APA

Panhead Supercharger

This all-American pale ale will grab your attention with plenty of citrus tenacity, and a bold bitter payoff.

Emerson's, Emerson's Brewery, beer, New Zealand beer, craft beer, Big Rig, APA

Emerson’s Big Rig

A truckload of hops gives this APA plenty of attention-getting character, with tropical and citrus flavours and a discernible malt base.

Mac's, Mac's Breweries, Mac's beer, craft beer, beer, New Zealand beer, APA

Mac’s Interstate

This high flavoured APA is full of robust hop characters with a crisp bitterness, pine and citrus notes and brilliantly bright aromatics.

Harrington's, Harrington's Breweries, Harrington's beer, craft beer, beer, New Zealand beer, APA

Harrington’s Yankdak

A flag-waving golden amber American ale with punchy citrus notes, elements of pine, floral American hops and a balanced bitterness.

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