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Garage Project's Limited Edition Chocolate Beer

Craft brewers Garage Project and chocolate experts Whittaker's have teamed up to create two delicious limited edition chocolate beers.

Ever wondered what would happen if you paired delicious craft beer with your favourite New Zealand chocolate? Two insane chocolate beer babies, that's what!

Garage Project and Whittaker's have put their creative heads together and come up with White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Beer. The White Chocolate with Golden Raspberry & Lemon, ABV 5.2%, is made with creamy white chocolate stout that's brewed with New Zealand lactose, barley and oats, and infused with a touch of Whittaker's cacao beans, vanilla, golden raspberry and Gisborne lemon. The can is closed with nitrogen, creating a beer with a silky smooth mouthfeel, lush vanilla milk sugar sweetness balanced with lifted notes of raspberry and lemon.

Beautifully bitter, Whittaker's Dark Chocolate Beer with Espresso, Hazelnut & Orange, ABV 5.2%, is a dark chocolate stout brewed with Canterbury malts, oats and roasted barley, infused with Whittaker's finest roasted Ghanaian cacao beans, then finished with a hint of espresso coffee, hazelnut and Seville orange. Each can is closed with a silky smooth mouthfeel, rich and bittersweet dark chocolate palate which marries perfectly with notes of coffee, hazelnut and orange.

These 330ml cans are only available for a short time, so you might want to stock up!