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French Food and Beer matches

Get your beer and food menu sorted ready to celebrate Bastille Day next week

For French people, Bastille Day on the 14th July isn’t just about applauding the gaining of freedom, it’s also a celebration of the French way of life.


Bastille Day is a social occasion where people enjoy the pleasures of life by taking time off for themselves to meet friends, go shopping or share a picnic in a park. When the sun sets, you can find them enjoying themselves in one of the many brasseries and restaurants that dot French cities, towns and villages – the sky lifting with laughter and revelry.

Here you’ll see revelers sharing the number one French beer – Kronenbourg, which has been brewed with quality and mastery since 1664, using the finest Strisslespalt hop, known as the “caviar of hops”. It’s a sip of French pleasure, so ensure you celebrate Bastille day this 14th of July with a Kronenbourg in hand, matched with the following classic French foods that are perfect for “bière” o’clock.


Perfectly balanced, Kronenbourg is slightly bitter, sweet, refreshing and refined, with a unique floral and aromatic taste that lends itself well to rich cheeses, smoked meats and the delicious fats found in French delicacies like pate, Foie Gras and meat terrine.


Platter perfection: combine different varieties of cheese such as brie, camembert, blue and washed-rind, with fruits like melon and grapes, crackers, toasted baguette, and a selection of smoked and cured meats such as pancetta, coppa, ham and aged sausage.

Tasty Terrines: serve a meat terrine – try pork, duck, chicken or rabbit, with slices of toasted baguette, mustard and onion jam

Posh Toasties: croque-monsieur is one of the most classic French snack foods around. Made by topping a cheese and ham toastie with cheese sauce and grilling, you can snazz it up by adding a fried egg to create a croque-madame.

Condiment Crazy: dot the table with small bowls of green and black marinated olives, miniature pickled onions, tapenades and cornichons (mini pickled cucumbers).

Roasted Addiction: roast a chicken with garlic and herbs and serve with a couple of sticks of warmed French bread and butter.

Mussel Mad: a bowl-full of mussels served with French fries (“moules & frites”) and Kronenbourg is a bistro staple across France that reaches the pinnacle of beer and food perfection.

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