Emerson's New Super Quench

Introducing "hopfather" Richard Emerson's latest drop, Super Quench, with 40% less carbs!

If you've been mowing your super-long lawn, running super-fast, or out in a super-hot sun (or super-annoying rain), you'll need to super-quench your super-thirst.

New Emerson's Super Quench Pacific Pilsner has been dry-hopped with New Zealand and US hops to make it super-tasty, while it's light body and crisp finish make it super-refreshing. At just 4% ABV, and 40% lower carbs, you can feel slightly smug too.


Untitled 600 x 400 px 30 


Super Quench Lower Carb Pacific Pilsner is Emerson’s take on the low-carbohydrate beer trend.

Greg Menzies, Emerson’s marketing manager says, “People still love the big beers, but there is a trend for lighter options. We’ve developed a thirst-quenching, crisp, refreshing beer that matches great with seafood."

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