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Emerson's Exclusive Liquorland Road Trip

Dunedin brewery Emerson's is known for their brewing expertise. This year, he let in a few Liquorland employees come and have a go at making a beer of their own

In March 2021, five Liquorland employees made their way to Dunedin to brew a beer with the crew of Emerson's. Beer enthusiasts from Liquorland Long Bay, Liquorland Cableways, Liquorland Papakura and Liquorland Bishopsdale took the long route down State Highway 1 from the north to the deep south, 

While the golden rule of 'what goes on tour, stays on tour' is still firmly in place, thus keeping the details of exactly what went on behind those closed doors a mystery to the rest of us. But the result, you can buy exclusively from Liquorland - and it's well worth a try. Emerson's Road Trip is a hop-heavy hazy pale ale, with full-on tropical aromas and a hint of stone fruit.

To say the Liquorland lads are happy is an understatement - but don't take their word for it. Give it a go yourself!Emersons Hazy Road Trip 6 Pack Can 380