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A recent addition to the ever-growing IPA family, East Coast (or New England, or Vermont-style) IPA has become a craze that’s all about the haze

Haze is usually a side effect of unmalted grains (added for mouthfeel), specific yeasts and huge dry hopping, both during and after fermentation. These beers offer a pronounced soft, fruity hop character, low in bitterness.

Deep Creek Brewtiful Haze (NEIPA)

haze, ipa, east coast, tropical, beer

Brewtiful Haze pours a hazy yellow-amber colour and the aroma is redolent of grapefruit pith, orange and nectarine. The palate is juicy, resiny, slightly tart and similarly fruit-driven and the beer finishes with a modest but cleansing bitterness. A fine example of a style that’s tricky to pull off. RRP$8.99, 440ml

Good George East Coast IPA

good george, beer, ipa

Good George is unfiltered to keep hop flavours bombing with notes of tropical fruit, citrus, pine and resin. $15.99, 946ml

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