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Always looking for new flavours in the drinks world? Single variety ciders are the latest trend, offering the authentic and complex taste of specific types of apples

Originally found growing wild in Central Asia, apples have been cultivated by humans across the globe for their tasty eating for thousands of years. There are now over 7,500 different varieties of apple, yet if you’re anything like us, you stick to the ones you know and love the best.

While a lot of ciders around the world are made with a catch-all “apple” tag, Kiwi brand Honesty Box decided to tap into the experimental flavor wave created by the craft beer movement, and offer drinkers the ability to choose their cider based on the flavours of single varieties of apples, to help them find the one they like the best. After all, if you like a tart, tangy apple, you’re not likely to pick up a red delicious are you?

Honesty Box’s newest range of three ciders are each based on a single variety of apple that Kiwi’s love: Braeburn, NZ Rose and Granny Smith. This award-winning range of batch-brewed ciders are completely made with apple juices sourced from Hawke’s Bay, and offer a flavor scale showcasing how sweet or dry the cider is. Take a bite out of these mouthwatering ciders…

PICK OF THE BUNCH: Honesty Box Braeburn is a semi-sweet cider that won a gold medal best in class at the NZ Cider awards

MIDDLE EARTH: Honesty Box NZ Rose Cider is a well-balanced, not too sweet and not too dry cider, and bronze medal winner at the NZ Cider awards

OUT ON A LIMB: Honesty Box Granny Smith Cider is like a traditional tart cider, and is the winner of a silver medal best in class at the NZ Cider awards

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